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New Covert Product

We’d like to announce a new COVERT PRODUCT! Really though, we’d like to announce it but we don’t exactly feel that would be best for all involved. Pro-Tech Sales has Audio and Video DVR covert pieces, some even in everyday object disguises. These items can be used for all sorts of scenarios including copper theft sites, hotel stings, abandoned locations and plenty more. We’ve got IP solutions, on-the-body solutions, recorders, transmitters, receivers, repeaters, DVR, Audio Only pieces, disguises, Mesh Networks, COFDM technology — We got what you need! Do I sound like a Used Car salesmen yet? My apologies if I do, but alike the Used Car salesmen, you really need to “See it to Believe It”.  We have salesmen on the road offering hands-on demonstrations for our products, we’d love for you to get your hands on the equipment to see if “the ride fits you”. Don’t worry, we’ll have more than one solution, but lack on the color options.

For this surveillance technology, we need you to come to us with your ideas and “problems”. This way we can work with you for a ‘tailored’ solution.  Trying to describe these items is like painting you a picture, in the air with my finger. The best thing you can do is CONTACT US for information regarding your needs and we’ll openly discuss options for you – no more finger-waving-word-painting.
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