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TOP SECRET, CONFIDENTIAL, HIDDEN, COVERT are some of the keywords used around Law Enforcements’ Detective and Narcotics divisions. The safety of our public defenders can be put in jeopardy when these people, products and/or strategies are revealed. Twenty years ago when information sharing was limited to a few channels, officers didn’t have to worry as much about blown cover as they do now; but like I said twenty years ago.

The “INTERNET” evokes immeasurable number of first thoughts. The main objective of the internet however is boiled down to one thing: the dissemination of information. As a dealer in the Law Enforcement industry I have dealt firsthand the struggle with using this tool as a business ally instead of a window for peering eyes through cupped hands. How am I to target this specific audience and educate them of the latest technology but without spilling the proverbial beans to the masses?

If you are expecting my next few sentences to answer my own question, they won’t be. Actually, I’m using the first Pro-Tech Sales blog to request the help of the audience, YOU, the readers of this blog to be exact. Call it a social experiment on our new website. For instance, our website has (5) surveillance products that are actually Surveillance categories with bland explanations. I’d love to share the exact products with details and images, but you see the irony of the TOP SECRET versus the Internet. What I need now, and going forward, is your help. Let’s use my previous example as a metaphor for what I mean. I need the dissemination of YOUR information.

I encourage all those interested to please peruse the new website and share any comments with me directly. You are the internet, quite frankly true, and I am the user. The more information you provide to me, the better I can create this webpage environment for you. If you would like to sign up to receive our newsletters, please do and indicate what brands, products and information you would like to be updated on. Our goal here is to educate you with the information that can be used by all.

As for the TOP SECRET, CONFIDENTIAL, HIDDEN and COVERT, well you’ll have to travel back twenty years and call us for that information.


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