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Cash for Clunkers Program 2015

AVON Protection, manufacturer of respiratory protection products, has re-launched a promotion that will save you money and potentially your life.

The “Clash for Clunkers” program was such a big success for the manufacturer and their customers, it was only a matter of time to bring this deal back to the people. The deal is simple. Any law enforcement agency can turn in their old facemasks for a $50 instant credit towards the purchase of a new AVON Protection facemask. For example, trade in (4) tired masks, get $200 towards (4) new masks. The only “small print” here is you have to choose between the AVON C50, FM53 or the PC50 facemasks. Basically, you choose between a popular Law enforcement, Military or Corrections mask. Each model has specific features geared to their division of the Public Safety industry.

If $50 credit wasn’t good enough here’s another great part, AVON Protection will accept old masks from¬†ANY¬†manufacturer from all eras! I remember we had a “Cash for Clunker” order in house for which the customer sent us a half dozen masks from World War 2. AVON honored the trade in and us sales folks had an opportunity to look at a piece of history, reflecting on how far technology has come.

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