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2015: The Year of Publicized Riots

2015: The Year of the Sheep. That is what the Chinese culture has deemed it. If you pay any attention to your glowing box during the week, you’d have a good argument to challenge the Sheep with a new title.

2015: The Year of Publicized Riots.

I’m going to paint with a broad stroke here and skip the details as they’ve been drilled into your skull via nightly newscasts over the months; pick a channel, any channel. For me to get swept away in the flowing current topic of public riots fueled by shootings would be counterproductive and frankly useless on this medium. Instead, I’d like to leap frog the who’s, what’s, why’s, when’s and push toward the “how’s” regarding officer safety during a public uprising.

These brave individuals fight the good fight that a large portion of the public only see from their glowing boxes, DVR’d episodes of the latest gory drama. I digress. Our Law Enforcement members face uncertainty every morning they leave for work hoping for a “boring” workload day. If the time comes, however, when the lame day turns to adrenaline’s ‘Fight or Flight’ instincts take control. Instincts ingrained from training. Training ladies and gentleman, from marathons to material arts, training will give you the best possible outcome; and some luck if there’s any to be found.

In my line of work I have many opportunities to offer various types of training. Each month there is some type of event being hosted by distributors, manufacturers, departments, multi-jurisdictional agencies, LE organizations and their annual conferences. They all have a specific goal in mind: TO MAKE YOU BETTER.

My most recent training opportunity is coming up fast. October 19th – 22nd. It’s for a 4-day (40 hour) hands/helmet/shields-on RIOT CONTROL course in Columbus, OH. Click here to view the Public Order Course official flyer and sign up today.

If you’d like to keep in touch with the training opportunities I have and to learn from those who have lived it, adding a little more knowledge to your skillset, please sign up for our newsletter.

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